Terms of Service



1.1. Conditional agreements are definitions that are present in this Treaty, which are its integral part.
1.2. Definitions are interpreted, based on their nature and content of this Treaty. Below is a list of these definitions:
1.3. Services – is the installation of IP Pavlish V.I. (Party 1) applications (mobile application) to the subscriber’s mobile device (Party 2) for testing the communication quality (hereinafter referred to as the Services) and maintaining the application and mobile device connected to the network of the local mobile operator and the Internet.
1.4. Customer (Party 2): a legal entity or individual who accesses the site https://play.google.com or https://itunes.apple.com, which intends to provide services to Party 1 and receive payment for services rendered to the Party 1.
1.6. Contractor (Party 1): Individual entrepreneur Pavlish Vladimir, UNP 190567804.


2.1. The text of this Agreement is a public offer.
2.2. The present contract-offer is placed on the site of the Party 1 https://route-test.com and is an official document.
2.3. Acceptance (acceptance) of an offer – payment for ordered Services by prepayment in the manner determined by this Agreement and use by Party 2 of Services of the Party 1. Acceptance by the Party 2 of this Agreement means that it fully agrees with all the provisions of this Treaty.
2.4. To accept the offer, Party 2 fills out the registration form placed in the application (mobile application) downloaded to 1m from the sites https://play.google.com or https://itunes.apple.com. The registration form filled in by the Party 2 is the basis for issuing by Party 2 invoices for payment of the Services every 30 days from the moment of filling in the form in the application.
2.5. Party 2 sends an invoice for payment of Services to Party 1 automatically through the application.
2.6. Party 1 pays the invoice issued by Party 2 for payment of Services in the selected party 2.
2.7. All mutual settlements under the present contract between side 1 and side 2 occur through the movement of crypto tokens from the purse of side 1 to the purse address of side 2.


3.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, Party 2 undertakes to provide to the Party 1 Services defined in 1.3.
3.2. Party 2 guarantees that the Services provided will be the result of the creative activity of Party 2 (its employees), as well as the absence of exclusive rights to services, their parts or encumbrances on exclusive rights to services, its parts from third parties.
3.3. Party 1 is the sole proprietor of the results of intellectual activity of Party 2 who own personal non-property and property rights in respect of the services provided by Party 2 and have the right to use the received Services as an object of intellectual property with the right to transfer it to third parties.



Party 1 undertakes:
4.1. Provide Party 2 with full information about the Services and the program for their provision (duration, service organization).
4.2. Provide Party 2 with provision of reference materials for the provision of the Services.
4.3. Provide, upon the request of Party 2 (legal entity), an act on the provision of the Services.
4.4. To pay timely and fully the cost of the Services provided by Party 2 in the manner and within the time and in the amount established by this Agreement.
Party 1 in the right:
4.5. To use the services of any individuals and legal entities, in order to timely and qualitatively fulfill the obligations under the Treaty.
4.6. To change the price and terms of providing the Services, having previously notified the Party 2.
4.7. Make changes to the program for the provision of Services.
4.8. Require the Party 1 to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement on time and with appropriate quality.
Party 2 undertakes:
4.9. Provide Party 1 with all the information and data necessary to fulfill Party 1’s obligations under this Agreement.
4.10. Sign the Service Act (cl. 5.4.) Within five working days from the receipt of the Act from Party 1 by mail or electronically and send it to the Party by post or electronically. If the Service Act is not contested by Party 2 within five working days from the date of its provision, it is deemed to be a signed Party 2.
4.10. Do not disclose confidential information and other data provided by Party 1 in connection with the implementation of this Treaty.
4.11. To render Services to Party 1 within the stated terms properly, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Party 2 has the right:
4.12. Require timely and full payment for the cost of the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


5.1. Cost of services Parties 2:
– Transfer of monthly remuneration not later than the date of installation and registration of the mobile application on the mobile device to the account of Party 2 in the amount established by the Party 1.
– Payments are transferred by Party 1 in the crypto token (BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT) to the choice of Side 2 without intermediary payment systems (Visa, MasterCard) directly to Party 2. All transactions in the crypto token are fixed in the lockbox.
5.2. The cost of the Services in crypto tokens can be changed at the discretion of Party 1 unilaterally, when Party 2 is notified via an electronic message.
5.3. The periodicity of payments in crypto tokens for the Services provided can be changed at the discretion of Party 1 unilaterally, when Party 2 is notified by means of an electronic message.
5.4. The type of crypto token may be changed at the discretion of Party 2 unilaterally when Party 1 is notified by changes in the settings of the mobile application installed on the mobile device of Party 2.
5.5. The initial cost of the Services is indicated in the settings of the mobile application installed on the mobile device of Party 2 and duplicated in the registration form and recorded in the invoice for payment.
5.6. Payment for the Services under this Agreement is carried out on the basis of a one hundred percent monthly payment upon the fact and in the order established by this Agreement by Clause 5.1.
5.7. Party 2 does not pay until the end of the monthly payment period. The moment of payment is the receipt of payment to the account of Party 2.



6.1. In case of violation by the Party 2, paragraph 3.3. of this Agreement, Party 1 is entitled to demand, and Party 2 is obliged to pay penalties in the amount of the monthly cost of the Services provided, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, increased by 100 (one thousand) times, and also compensate for other losses caused by such actions.



7.1. In the event of force majeure circumstances that exclude or objectively impede the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties have no mutual claims, and each of the Parties assumes its own risk of the consequences of these circumstances.



8.1. Disputes and disagreements arising in the implementation of this Treaty will be resolved through negotiations between the parties to this Treaty.



9.1. This Agreement is concluded for the period of provision by the Party of 2 Services paid by the Party 1.



Individual entrepreneur Pavlish Vladimir






(details of the Party 1)