What Kind of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) Are You?

Simple Steps to Help You Decide

There was a time when nobody wanted to be a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), but now it seems you can’t keep people away! And why not? The cost of entry is low compared to being a Mobile Network Operator (MNO), you don’t need a lot of staff or even a physical store to operate, and best of all, you can get your MNO to do all the heavy lifting for you. Easy as pie.

Unlike most businesses, becoming an MVNO is not difficult, what is challenging is actually defining what an MVNO is and being able to trade effectively based on that mandate.

MVNO Definition

An MVNO is a company that buys cellular coverage from a company that owns part of the national spectrum, and then sells that coverage to customers. An MVNO does not need any infrastructure to function, as it will simply piggy back off the MNO. The MNO goes through all the stress and cost of buying spectrums and setting up network equipment and liaising with mobile phone makers.

As the MVNO, your job is simply to purchase the excess coverage the big companies have at wholesale prices and sell it retail to consumers. As MNOs usually have an abundance of free space, they often sell to MVNOs at a price lower than what they give their own direct consumers. But because of their reputation and shareholder perception, they may not want to offer their services at rock-bottom prices.

This is why some MNOs set up their own MVNO, to offer more competitive prices to those not willing to purchase call and data services from larger corporations.

Difference between an MVNO, SP and ESP

MVNOs have been known by different names and some people would even class them as different businesses. Terms such as Branded Reseller, Service Provider (SP), Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) and Full MVNO are often used. All of these fall under the MVNO umbrella, but they are called different things because they offer different services.

An MVNO may decide to offer billing services to clients for example, manage the sim and/or devices, or provide customer services. Or, it can leave all of these services entirely to the MNO. Obviously, the more the MVNO does the less it has to pay the MNO, but it could still be worth not having to hire more staff or equipment.

Depending on the definition, not offering any of the above services could classify the company as an SP or a Service Provider MVNO. The same distinction follows for the other groups.

Below is a table showing the different services undertaken by the different subsets of MVNOs:

courtesy of:  http://www.yozzo.com/mvno-wiki/mvno-types-and-operational-models

Finding The Right Model

No matter what kind of resources you have, you can almost certainly find an MVNO business model that suits your budget. It is not uncommon for firms to start off as branded resellers and progress to full MVNO. Whatever you decide, make sure you are getting your money’s worth and are able to deliver to your customers what you promised and what is expected.

If you are not happy with the quality of calls you are getting from your MNO, schedule a test to ensure your phone lines are up to internationally excepted standards.

Testing The Quality of International Telephone Lines

Gone are the days when in order for you to contact a friend in a foreign country, you had to go to a specific company at a particular time and shell out obscene amounts of money.

Now, all you have to do is reach into your pocket and make a call over the internet for free on your smartphone. For most business clients though, a landline is still needed, but instead of making an analogue call, it still goes through the internet. This has brought the costs of doing business down and made the world a better-connected space.

But despite the advancements in telecommunications that we’ve seen over the past few years, there is still one problem: the quality of the call isn’t always guaranteed.

The increased demand for VoIP is astounding, and it has created many opportunities for IP telephony companies. Unfortunately, while most telephone line providers offer a decent service, a lot of these companies are just plain phony.

The High Cost of Low Quality Lines

One of the most common problems realized in long distance calls is that the caller ID does not show. Given the high rate of insecurity, many people are not as trusting when a number shows up as ‘Unknown’ and would much rather ignore it than risk receiving a spam call.

While most mobile operators are promised that their calls will go through CLI lines, quite often, calls are routed between CLI and non CLI lines. The result is a lot of unhappy customers who can’t figure out why their calls are not being picked up, and they take out their frustrations on you, their IP telephony company.

You also end up being dropped by clients who find out their calls are showing up as unknown and potential clients are ignoring their calls.

And unfortunately, you still have to pay the network carriers you go through unless you can find an alternative.

Fortunately, there is one.

Test The Quality of International Telephone Lines

The good news for MNOs is that whatever line you are using can be tested and improved upon, rather simply and sometimes within a few minutes.

VoIP testing is a recommended service for every business, as this would save you a lot of embarrassment, clients and money.

Not only can the CLI lines be tested and corrected to ensure the caller ID always shows up correctly, but the quality of the call can also be improved.

Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF) issues, tromboning and Fake Auto Responder (FAS) are other problems that can be resolved quickly before your clients walk out the door or take legal action for being charged for calls they didn’t make.

VoIP testing can also ensure that your bandwidth is being used appropriately and is not being sabotaged or encroached on by fraudulent third parties.

Wrap Up

There are many benefits of testing the quality of international telephone lines, but none as crucial as to keep your reputation intact. If for whatever reason you believe your company is not getting the best phone service, or you want a tune-up to prevent problems from developing, contact Route-test.com for an in-depth test.

How Much Would Your Status Be Affected as A MVNO, MNO or A Telecom Company While You Compromise On Quality On the International Destinations?


When it comes to running a successful business, your reputation is worth more than money. The moment your reputation hits rock bottom, you can expect to see all your clients fleeing, almost certain never to return. If you are an MVNO, MNO or a Telecom company, one of the worst things that can happen is for your customers to label you as a poor-quality provider.


The effect of such a label is not just the loss of clients, but regulators may investigate your company and if in fact your quality offering is deemed poor, your business could face considerable fines and may in all likelihood, go out of business.


Call quality on international destinations using VOIP remains a major problem for telecoms companies, whether big or small. What is shocking, however, is that this is a problem that can be very easily fixed.



Get Your Lines Checked by Route-test


Route-test offers a comprehensive assessment of phone lines to ensure that your clients are getting the best service, and your MNO or MVNE is giving you the best service possible. Our assessment comes with a QoS, which you can show to clients and regulators.


While protecting your brand is one advantage of undergoing our fast and effective test, there are several other advantages to consider:



  1. Up to 24% VOIP business costs reduction


On average, our clients have realised a 24% reduction in VoIP business costs. Our testing process enables you give accurate feedback to your provider, which will prevent you from paying for services you are not getting or services being charged cheaper by their competitors.

Also, by improving the quality of your international calls, you make yourself more appealing to clients, which will have a strong impact on your bottom line.



  1. Easy as 123 to Install, Use, And Troubleshoot


VoIP testing is a very simple process, and you will be taught how to carry out some basic tests on your own. The report of the test will be provided in statistical, audio and visual formats.

Test protocols can be automated by our system, and all our services are done in a fraction of the time it would take with less advanced software and hardware.


  1. Up to 72% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty


It is hard to put a number on customer loyalty, but it is easy to see the increase in profit as a result of it. Customers are always looking for a reliable service, free from unnecessary glitches with high quality calls over any distance.


  1. Up to 49% of Your company Credit level increase


Finally, the boost in profit you will experience and the increase in customer loyalty and satisfaction will yield higher and more consistent revenue. This will in effect, improve your company credit level, with our clients reporting a near 50% boost.



There is no limit to how much your company can grow once you are established as a reputable and trustworthy brand. To help you get there, contact us now and let us get your international calls checked and verified the Route-test way.